Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Book 9 - On Writing. Stephen King

Finished 22nd February 2011.

As a life long Stephen King fan I found this fascinating, helpful and encouraging. It starts off with a short autobiography from his early years up until he gets his first novel published and then it goes on to give aspiring writers ( such as myself) some tips and good advice. I certainly learned a lot and was surprised in parts. Probably one one of the most controversial parts of the book is when King reveals that he doesn't believe in outlines when writing. Something that will probably be debated online and in writing classes everywhere !

For any Stephen King fans or aspiring writers, I would highly recommend this book.

It probably won't turn me into the next bestselling Horror writer but it has hopefully helped me to take a few baby steps towards publication. But more importantly, On Writing has done something else. Something that money can't buy. It has encouraged me to plod on with my dream.



  1. I love Stephen King (love your horror geek reference in your most recent post too), and I recently picked up this book at my library's used book sale. Glad it's a good one! Your review just moved it up on my list.

    Thanks for stopping in and introducing yourself at my place today. The 52 in 52 is fun, isn't it?

  2. Hi, yes thanks for stopping by here too :)

    It certainly is fun and keep in touch ,