Friday, 26 June 2015

Friday VSS

A thousand screams would be 2000 tomorrow. Every day was multiplied by two. It could be me next. 

Satan was ruthless and very good at math.



 I noticed the elevator had an extra button that wasn't there before. It was flashing.

I took a closer look and written in small letters was the word 


I closed my eyes and pressed it. Knowing I would open my eyes to find myself in the place where I had started my journey, the place where I was wanted for stealing the Jesus Circuit. But I have been running for long enough and they have questions that only I can answer.


Thursday, 25 June 2015

How to spot a fake facebook profile

Okay so how do you spot a fake profile?

I guess there are no hard and fast rules but here are a few things that I have learned in the last few months whilst running my own  Facebook group.

Blank Background

Check out the background of somebody's Facebook profile. Is there a picture or is it blank? Most fake profiles or spammers don't bother to create a background image. So that's your first warning sign to look out for. Any picture will do and a photo of a real person is even better. But if there is no background image, ask yourself why.

Facebook Avatar

Look at the the avatar. If there is no avatar then that's a major warning sign. Some fake profiles won't even bother to give themselves one. But if there is a photo, take a close look at it. Does it look like it's been snatched from Google Images? Most real people aren't perfect. The vast majority of us don't look like glamour models. We have moles, we have one eye that looks a little wonky, we have double chins and zits. So if you see an avatar photo of somebody that looks impossibly beautiful and they are eating an apple or obviously posing for a catalogue there's probably a reason.

Profile URL

If you want to know if a Facebook profile is real then check out the URL of their profile. Most real profiles will have their name at the end of the URL. For instance this is mine.

But most fake profiles don't have a name. They have a sequence of numbers and letters.

And if there is a name at the end of their profile, check to make sure it's the same one. If somebody has John Smith as their profile name and it says 'Shirley Rodgers' at the end of their URL then that's another warning sign. Why two names?

Sex Changes

Look out for profiles that seem to have two different genders. That is a surefire way of detecting a fake profile.

If somebody is calling themselves Robert Davies then you presume they are a guy. But click ABOUT or TIMELINE on their profile. Does it say HE or SHE? If it says

See what she shares with friends

then you have a gender conflict! How can Robert be a SHE? Has he had a sex change?

Photos and other Profile information

Fake profiles are usually blank profiles. So if details are a bit thin on the ground, ask yourself why.

There are a whole host of things that should be on there.

Works and Education.

Places Lived.

Contact and Basic Info.

Family and Relationships.


Life Events.

Not all of us like to include too many details for privacy reasons. So you need to include this one in context with of all the other warning signs that I've already mentioned.

What photos are available to view on their profile?

If you just have the one Google image of a blonde bombshell eating an apple, again ask yourself why.

Real people will have real people in their photos. Family photos, holiday photos. Photos of their dogs and their cats. Their new tattoo.

Finally check out their friends.

Fake profiles and spammers usually have very few friends on their list. Real people have at least a handful unless they have set their profile to private.

And if there are friends, take a close look at them.

If the guy that has asked to join your Facebook group is named Trevor Smith then you'd expect a few other English names on there. But if the people on his friends list all have Arabic Names or Chinese names you need to ask yourself whether he is an English guy himself.

Similar check out any groups that they belong to.

Some fake profiles will belong to hundreds of groups whereas some won't be members of any. Both are suspicious in my experience. If your guy is named Trevor Smith and all his groups are Chinese then that is also suspicious. If most of his groups are groups on how to make money or buying and selling groups, be doubly suspicious about his intentions.

Accepting that friend request or that new member into your Facebook group can have major repercussions if you don't check them out properly. So I hope this article has been helpful. But also trust your gut instinct. If somebody sounds a little dodgy or too good to be true, don't let them in. And try sending them a private message. Most fake profiles and spammers won't reply.

                                                                                          (C) Ally Atherton 2015

Friday, 19 June 2015

Friday VSS

Alice put the quarter in the slot and pressed the button marked 3367. It was a long way into the future but she waited to see what the machine would spit out, she didn't expect a blood soaked handkerchief and a knife. She threw the knife as far as she could.


When my alarm clock goes off in the morning I know it's time to bring in the milk, to feed the cat and to untie the rest of my family

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Wednesday VSS

1976 was coming to a close and the seconds were ticking. Another year was hurtling towards her, it was time to kiss goodbye to The Jam, choppers and canned ham sandwiches.

She slammed the door behind her knowing she would never be back.


                                                                                      (C) Ally Atherton 2015

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


I can't find the end of the duct tape. I could be here for hours and I need somebody to help me. I've never been a very practical person but I don't think I'll ever find the end of the duct tape. I need somebody to help me. I need a duct tape specialist or the duct tape fairy.

This always happens to me. I'm just not very good at duct tape. It will be Christmas soon and I still won't have found the end of the duct tape. This is like the duct tape version of Chinese Water Torture.

For God's sake where is the end?

I roll it around in my hands as if the end will magically appear. But I'm not looking to pull a rabbit out of a hat, I'm looking for the end of the duct tape and I haven't got the rest of my life to find it.

Soon she will be awake. Soon she will start screaming.

                                                                 (C) Ally Atherton 2015


I opened the bedroom door. A body on the floor, blood everywhere. I must have drunk more than I thought.

Sunday, 14 June 2015


   If ever you find yourself crawling through your attic at night


   you find a doll in a box

   there's nothing to be scared about even if it blinks

   when it's not supposed to

   and the attic door slams behind you


   And even if you feel a tug at your sleeve


  It's your imagination

  playing tricks with you because the alternative isn't worth thinking about


  screaming never works

                                                                         @Ally Atherton 2015

   Written for the Light & Shade Challenge

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Knowing how to change a tyre, jumpstart a dead battery and hide a body in the boot should be a part of the driving test