Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Looking Good Dead by Peter James

A man finds a CD on a train and puts it into his laptop when he gets home and ends up watching a gruesome murder.

Could he and his wife become the next victims? A body is found without a head with a dung beetle placed in rather an unfortunate place and Detective Superintendent Roy Grace has to figure out what is going on before another victim is found.

This is my second Peter James book after reading 'Dead Like You' some time last year and I enjoyed it just as much, maybe even more. I was more familiar with the main characters and James's style of writing and the book has a good mix of suspense and action. I really liked the fact that lots of the chapters ended with small cliff hangers and the plot kept my interest.

The basic premise of the story was quite interesting and original and slowly built up to the final few chapters well. I personally was a little bit disappointed with the ending, just when I thought I would get an explosive finale it kind of ended with a bit of a squeak! That is my only criticism of a fine book. 4/5

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