Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Girl in the Glass by Zoe Brooks

In the short time that I have been doing reviews for this blog I have learned that indie books are very much hit and miss. This one was pretty much a miss as far as I am concerned. It took me a few weeks to read and I read even a few books inbetween due to the fact that I found it tedious!

The story starts off in a promising way and literally fizzes out as it goes along. The premise of the book is a girl called Anya who lives in a house with a cruel stepmother who spends most days locked in a broom cupboard. Eventually she escapes and the story kind of loses the plot in more ways than one. My main problem with the book is that it is too confusing and there are too many gaps. Never at any point are we told where this story takes place, it could be in a mythical land or on the far side of the galaxy. We also have a strange character who is Anya's shadow. What or whom a shadow is is never mentioned or stated clearly. I found this confusing and frustrating. I do like the idea that we all have a shadow but I feel this idea wasn't explained or plotted properly.

I eventually read this book because I am determined to finish all the books I started but it was a pain to be honest. A boring and frustrating 1/5.

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