Saturday, 26 January 2013

2012 Summing up and list of favourites.

OK even though I didn't quite hit 52 books in 52 weeks I am happy to have had some great reads and the following is a list of my favourites from the year. They are in no particular order but S.J Watson's superb book has to top the list.

1 Before I go to sleep by S.J Watson.

2 Room by Emma Donoghue

3 The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stievater

4 The Diary of Anne Frank

5 Heroes by Robert Cormier

6 The Black House by Peter May

7 Instant Confidence by Paul McKenna

8 Tollesbury Time Forever by Stuart Ayris

An honourary mention must go to the late John Blackburn, author of the highly amusing and thought provoking 'Keeping your sense of tumour' who finally lost his battle against Multiple Myeloma last year. I was fortunate enough to meet him and he was lovely enough to let me interview him for this blog. He was an inspiration and I have learned a lot from him. Goodnight and god bless John x


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Before I Go To Sleep as well.

  2. Yep it's an amazing read. My kind of book!