Thursday, 7 March 2013

Book 9 The Night Circus

By Erin Morgenstern

You're sitting on the branches of an oak tree and suddenly a circus appears in what was once an empty field. An illusionist turns a book into a raven, a young girl has her fingers split open and then puts them back together, you enter a tent where paper animals stick out their tongues and roar. Please don't adjust your imagination, you have just entered the Circus of Dreams, 'Le Cirque des Reves'.

I don't think I've ever read a book that has left me with so many conflicting thoughts and after reading some of the reviews it seems I am not the only one. On the one hand this literary fiction/ fantasy book is incredible. It is original, imaginative, beautifilly written and a feast of colour, sound and olfactory delights. You can taste the circus. You are transported on a journey through each tent like a child in his pyjamas at night, Erin Morgenstern creates something special and unforgettable here. I read the kindle version and lost out on a wonderful front cover but each page was colourful enough to make this a remarkable read.

However 'The Night Circus' isn't for everybody and my problem with it lies solely in the plot! For me I found it a little bit too convoluted, it's almost as if the author is trying to be too clever for her own good.The ending,in particular, is a bit of a headache and pretty over the top for my liking. Maybe it doesn't help because the fantasy genre isn't really my cup of horlicks but overall the plot didn't quite work for me and the resolution had me scratching my head a little! But I can't give this book anything less than 4 stars because at the end of the day it is amazingly well written and a rollercoaster ride of imagination for the senses. Try it and see what you think.

There are so many characters in this book, it's ridiculous! A totally different kind of a read, it's like a jigsaw puzzle that slowly comes together as you read further.For me it just felt like there was a piece missing at the end. 4/5


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    1. Thankyou, that's very kind :) I'll go and find somebody to award it to as well :)Thanks for popping by my blog.

  2. Nice to hear your thoughts on this book. I read it in December and disliked it because of its weak plot (and I did not connect with any of the characters). It's an atmosphere book, a type of writing many people love, but I am not one of them.

  3. Hi, thanks for coming to my blog. I know exactly what you mean. 'An atmosphere book' is the perfect way of putting what I was trying to say lol Yep the plot was my main problem too, so much potential as well, and a great idea, just a pity the plot was all over the place. Ally :)