Sunday, 19 January 2014

New Year , new push.

Ok it's 2014 and things aren't going swimmingly well in my world at the moment. I have found myself temporarily out of work and finances are more of a disaster than they normally are. I have spent more than 20 years in nursing and having made the conscious decision to leave for my own sanity and although a whole universe of people have told me that I will be fine, I'm not. So much for having transferable skills, nobody seems to want to know. On paper I do have transferable skills but in practice that's a load of bullshit.

I may have to go back into nursing on my own terms once I have saved up the money to pay the £100 registration fee. £100 a year for what? You don't even get a proper registration card anymore. £100 to work in an environment that makes me ill. To anybody who knows me they will know that I have always hated nursing, I don't think I'm a bad nurse, or a super nurse either. Maybe a bit of both at times. But to be brutally honest, I have been nagged to death for the last 13 years and more, hence why I am trying to get out.

Writing has always been my passion and I have wanted to write since I was about seven and have done , on and off. This year I am going to make a concerted effort to go for my writing, but it's not easy when you are also trying to get yourself out of a financial black hole. I am going to try my hand at all kinds of fiction and hope to use this blog to follow and chart my own progress. I still want to do some author interviews and book reviews but the emphasis has to be on my writing. I am concentrating on my first novel and a novelette and my first collection of short stories. I also want to take part in some blog challenges and to send of some work for publication. I am also hoping to do a weekly serial and to publish some of my work here and at Wattpad. You can find me at

I am still undecided on whether I will take on some non fiction freelance projects or just to concentrate on my fiction, but I will see how I feel.


  1. Good luck on your new journey. I agree with you, if writing is your passion, dive into it head first and give it all you have. Hey, you never know. JK Rowling started writing her Potter series in a coffee bar with kid in tow. She was divorced and was scraping the bottom of the barrel. Sometimes when there's nowhere else to go, that's when our true selves come to the front.

  2. Thank you Rebecca :) I hope so, I'm going to give it my best shot.