Tuesday, 6 September 2011

42 Sweet Savage Charity by Margaret Lake

I have just had the pleasure of reading this novelette by Margaret Lake. By doing so I have killed two birds with one stone by reading a historical and a romance and an wonderful little tale it is too.

This story is set in the New World in 1621, where Charity Williams moves with her Puritan husband to start a new life in Plymouth Colony. Shortly afterwards her husband dies leaving her isolated in a world where she feels she doesn't belong.

It's a while since I've read any historical fiction and this little nugget has reminded me of what I am missing. I am interested in history but admittedly no expert but I love the opportunity that stories like this give for me to go back in time. And it also makes me wonder whether I should one day attempt writing historical fiction myself.

I also enjoyed the romantic side to this story and I really must read more from Margaret Lake in the future, she creates a good story.The past has so many great tales to tell us and so much more to teach us and even though this novelette is short, it has opened my eyes to another world.

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  1. Any book that makes you want to write historical fiction has got to be good. Glad it open up a new genre to you.