Sunday, 18 September 2011

43 Angels and Demons - Dan Brown

An explosive device is hidden somewhere in the Vatican and four cardinals have gone missing on the day that a new pope is to be elected. Robert Langton is awaken in the middle of the night by a phone call, on the other end of the line is somebody who thinks he may be able to help.

Perhaps I am not the best person to review this book as thrillers aren't really my cup of tea, unless the story is especially imaginative, original or evocative in some way. What I did like about this book was the fact that Dan Brown takes you to places you wouldn't dream about going to. We are taken to America, Switzerland, Rome and finally to the Vatican ( where we are taken on a rather unorthodox tour.We even exhume a pope, visit the pope's bathroom and discover the tomb of St Peter.)I also like how I always end up learning stuff by reading his books although the accuracy of his historical facts are a hot topic of discussion !
I actually enjoyed 'The Da Vinci Code' but I wasn't as impressed with this. In fact in some ways the two books are almost carbon copies of each other and maybe that is what bugged me more than anything. Also I found this book was just too much like any other thriller and didn't keep my interest and didn't give me anything new.
Surely there are only so many times you can read a book or watch a movie where somebody is trying to stop a killer or where somebody is trying to stop a bomb from going off?

Angels and Demons isn't terrible but it didn't make me go 'WoW.' But it didn't rock my world either.



  1. Angels and Demons was actually written before the Da Vinci Code and I happened to read it first. I really loved it more than the Da Vinci Code (maybe the order you read them in plays a part in which you prefer). I am also a fan of thrillers and enjoyed both books by Brown.

  2. Hi, thanks for popping by my blog, yes I think you may be right. I have read a few other reviews which suggest that those that read one first prefer that one.Wasn't a bad book but I'm not really into thrillers that much.

    Paul :)

  3. I've equally enjoyed all his books so far. And they do make me want to do research and look up all the things he talks about.

  4. Hi Robin, yes that's what they make me do as well.

    Thanks for taking a look at my blog,