Saturday, 5 May 2012

Apollo 23 by Justin Richards

It is a long time since I have read a Doctor Who book,in fact I spent my childhood years reading the old Target books which were based on actual TV episodes.I was always a bit of a nerd and all I ever wanted for Birthdays or for Christmas was Dr Who books or a dog. (I never got my dog!)I loved reading those Target books and I think they were partly responsible for my wanting to write and to become a proper writer one day.
This is one of the newer breed of Dr Who books which are not based on episodes of the show but include the main characters and I was given a box set of these a few weeks ago. Maybe I will read a few Dr Who books as part of this years 52 book challenge, I will see how I feel.

In Apollo 23 the Doctor stumbles upon a secret millitary base on the dark side of the moon which has a direct link to the Earth via some kind of a transmat beam. A spaceman appears in central London and a woman in a red dress is found dead on the moon and something strange is happening on the Moon Base. Add a mad scientist, a plot to steal people's minds and plenty of running along corridors and you have yourself an average Dr Who romp.
Really I don't think this book is aimed at a 41 year old bloke but more at a younger or family audience so I don't think my review accounts for much. For me it's average fair. The story is average, the plot is average, the characters are average and the front cover is average! I quite liked the aliens which made an appearance towards the end because they were silly and sometimes silly is good fun and it was nice to rekindle my childhood a little by reading a Doctor who book again. Even if I am old and bloated now and I am not being kicked around like an old can.


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