Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bringing Down The House - Ben Mezrich

This is loosely based on the true story of one man who joins a band of card counters who take Vegas for Millions.

To be quite frank the first 175 pages of this were about as much fun as having a frontal tooth extraction. We follow the main character as he visits various casino's around the USA placing bets and then more bets and then more bets. I found myself in dire need of a plot or a point or anything would have done. I got that gnawing feeling in my stomach that usually tells me that I need to abandon and read something else.

After about 175 pages things improved a little and things got a little bit more interesting but I still didn't get terribly excited. Then the end just happened.

Maybe this book would appeal to people who are interested in cards and casinos and gambling but I'm afraid those are areas that I have never been interested in. On a more positive note the book has taught me a bit about a world that I am unfamiliar with and I now know what a BlackJack shoe is and what the inside of a massive casino looks like. And perhaps ( I'm seriously clutching at straws here) the book teaches us that sometimes people can make a new life for themselves even if it goes against what society tells us we should be doing.

After reading a few reviews it also appears that the story isn't exactly true to real events and that the author uses a lot of artistic license which isn't a good thing considering it is stated on the books blurb that is is a work of non fiction.


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