Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Eyes Of Laura Mars - A Movie Review

   A renowned photographer can suddenly see through the eyes of a serial killer

Starring Faye Dunaway and Tommy Lee Jones.

Written by John Carpenter (Screenplay) and David Zelag (Screenplay).

Directed by Irvine Kershner.

Everything about this movie is average. From the acting performances to the story itself.

It just about kept my interest and it does build up to a good climatic ending. On a historical note it was interesting to see all the old cars and landmarks and it captures well the feel and atmosphere of the disco scene in the late seventies,

However Faye Dunaway's performance throughout was about as hammy as a tin of spam. This movie really needed a better leading actress or at least a better performance. I wasn't too keen on all the photography and modelling stuff either but maybe that's just personal preference. I'm not interested in that world whatsoever.

An average but easily forgettable film.


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