Friday, 11 March 2011

Book 12 Macbeth - William Shakespear

Started and finished 11th March 2011

For some reason I have never read Shakespear, although I once performed in one of his plays when I was much younger dressed as a woman. ( Flute in A Midsummer Night's Dream). I was only young then and didn't really understand anything about the play. I can't even remember reading the book at the time and my performance was horrendous, although some people have told me otherwise !

To be honest I was expecting Macbeth to be hard going and difficult to read. I was partly right ! It wasn't as difficult to understand and follow as I thought it would be, partly due to the fact that it had useful notes towards the back. But it was quite hard going. And the actual act of checking the notes to make sense of certain lines was quite a chore.

Did it rock my world ?


Did I learn something from this book ?


I read this book in a few hours, with a few breaks to rest my brain, but at the end of the day I was glad when it was over ! I can see how some people can love Shakespear and I am glad I read one of his books after all these years.

But it wasn't my cup of tea or coffee.


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