Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Book 13 - Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson

Finished 16th March 2011

I turned 40 this week ( feel free to wish me a happy birthday ;), I am a bald geezer and while I am not the most blokey of blokes , I have never felt the desire to read a romance novel !
I have always been a bit of a horror geek and this couldn't possibly be further from my usual reading material. Poles apart it may be from what I usually read but guess what ? I absolutely loved it !

It may not be artistically or intellectually the most complete or complex book in the world but it was as light as a cool summer breeze.

It is a relatively short book and I loved the way it was made up of tiny little chapters that made it easy to read and put down at my own leisure. I could have read this in less than five days if I had wanted to but that would have gone against the grain. This is a book to be savoured and to read it too swiftly would ( I think) have done it an injustice.

It is basically a love story ( boy meets girl and all that jazz) but for me it was perfect.

In a nutshell, Jennifer has just lost her boyfriend in a tragic accident and now her best friend ( her grandmother) is in ICU and near death. She finds some letters from her Grandmother and learns an amazing secret, a secret that teaches her never to give up on love.

I shouldn't have enjoyed this at all, maybe I am an old girl's blouse after all :)

But you know what ?

I think this is the book that I have enjoyed the most so far in this '52 books in a year' challenge !


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