Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Book 23 The Delinquents - Criena Rohan

I remember watching this film when it came out, simply because Kylie Minogue was in it and I was 15 ! I don't remember anything about the film but I don't think it left much of an impression on me, apart from maybe Kylie in some sexy outfit or other. It was good to read the actual book without remembering the film.

Criena Rohan was in reality Deirdre Cash, who worked as a nightclub singer and ballroom dancing instructor. She only got two books published and sadly died at the age of 38 in 1963 of cancer.

This wasn't really my cup of tea and was a pretty average read. It tells the story of two teenage tearaways, teen life in the fifties in Australia and how they escape from troubled homes and attempt to experience life on their own two feet. In parts it is funny, in parts it is sad and it did make me think about the fact that too many people ( including myself) take life too seriously. Maybe we all have a delinquent inside us that we should bring out once in a while.

The Delinquents is an easy book to read but it felt kind of lightweight, like something you'd perhaps read in a magazine. But maybe I'm being harsh. It did make me think that I take life too seriously but maybe its just not my kind of book. Others may read it and enjoy it a little more. It wasn't bad, just didn't float my boat.


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