Sunday, 29 May 2011

Book 25 Dead Like You Peter James

This book took me to Brighton and Hove on the South East coast of England. In the book there are a number of vicious sexual attacks on women and it is Detective Superintendent Roy Grace's job to stop them before any more can be committed.

12 years ago similar attacks and one suspected murder were carried about by a man dubbed 'The Shoe Man.' A man who attacks his victims and steals their very expensive shoes. Roy Grace soons discovers that there is a link between these two series of attacks and investigates the terrible possibility that 'The Shoe Man' has returned.

But has he returned to continue his devastating crimes or is this the work of a Copycat ? And can he stop him before there is another murder ?

This is a very good book, packed full of twists and is well worth the read. I am not normally into Police Crime thrillers but this one was dark and intriguing and kept my interest all the way through. I liked the fact that it was made up of tiny little chapters and although it is a big book at 549 pages, it is so easy to read, the pages just seemed to fly by !

This is one book in a series featuring Superintendent Roy Grace and as usual I haven't read any of the previous books ! Although unlike other books, in this case it doesn't seem to matter. It was a stand alone book that didn't require any knowledge of the previous ones in the series.

My hat goes off the Peter James, a decent book and I look forward to reading more from him.


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