Saturday, 1 October 2011

46 An Inspector Calls - J.B.Priestley

I stole this from my son who is studying it as part of his high school curriculum. Having a teenage son can be highly challenging, sometimes entertaining, but occasionally it has its advantages!

Arthur Billing and his family have just finished a special meal to celebrate the engagement of their daughter, Sheila, to Gerald Croft, the son of a business rival.
Everything seems to be going hunky-dory and Sheila has literally just put the ring on her finger when there is a knock at the door. In walks a police inspector with some life shattering and astonishing news that somewhat spoils the mood of the evening.

I haven't read many plays and this is only the second since I started my 52 book challenge. Although I guess you could argue that 'Of Mice and Men' was a kind of a play.
I really liked it and it kept my interest all the way. It was quite cool to read an old play like this and the ending was intriguing to say the least ! I didn't really read it as if it was taking place on some old time stage like the Old Vic, I read it like I read all books. I asked my son Adam what he thought and he said it was boring ! And he said he didn't understand the ending. I didn't either but I don't think J.B.Priestly meant us to. Parts of the story made me think, parts of the book made me giggle ( not sure what Priestley would think about that) but overall I thought it was a great little read.

10/10 Must read more plays.

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