Sunday, 16 October 2011

48 Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

In this collection of stories a Nebraska farmer takes the law into his own hands when his wife threatens to sell off the family home, with grisly consequences, a mystery writer is attacked on a deserted road, a cancer sufferer gets a one in the million chance to be healed and a woman finds out that her long time husband is not half the man she thought he was.

I am a self confessed Stephen King fan and he has probably been one of my biggest influences as an aspiring writer over the years, since I was a mixed up 14 year old. But to be honest, this didn't really rock my world. Maybe my tastes are changing now that I am reading so much on this challenge or maybe it just isn't one of his best. The stories are accessible and worth a read but none of them really gets going. Probably my favourite stories were the last two ( Fair Extension and A Good Marriage) but even the latter had an ending that I found quite unrealistic.
The paperback edition which I read included an extra short story entitled Under The Weather but unfortunately it left me feeling under the weather myself. The twist at the end ( if in fact it was intended as a twist) could probably be seen from the moon.

There's nothing terrible about Full Dark, No Stars but each story left me feeling empty, almost like the great man had written them while visiting the small boys room. Not my favourite King book but not a bad book either.


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