Tuesday, 27 December 2011

59 Photography - Peter Cattrell

I don't own a film camera ( not a working one anyway)and my own digital camera isn't anything flashy but I bought this over a year ago when I became interested in photography for a short time. It is a pretty good introduction to photography with good illustrations and it more or less kept my interest. Some of the chapters were quite painstakingly ( frustratingly) difficult to read, especially the technical stuff about how to develop your own negatives. I have never been in a dark room and it all went over my head. Other parts of the book are interesting and I do feel like I have learned a hell of a lot about photograpy in general.

It hasn't made me want to buy an old fashioned camera or build my own darkroom in my kitchen but maybe I would (one day) like to learn a little bit more about digital photography. It certainly would help my writing career if I could work with digital imagery. It was a quick read. Not the most riveting thing I have read but maybe my brain is a little bigger !


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