Wednesday, 28 December 2011

60 - Feisty Fido ( Help for the Leash Reactive Dog) by Patricia B McConnell and Karen B London

This the 60th and my last book of the year is probably my most helpful !

I will set the scene by saying that we (not very long ago) took ownership of a little dog, a cross between a pug and a border terrier, and he is a little terror at times. Money doesn't exactly grow on trees and the local rates for dog training is way over our heads at the moment. This is the first book I have read on my new Kindle and it is very helpful. I am trying to train Bailey myself and this little book was perfect and I am hoping that it works. The dog training techniques are simple but sound pretty impressive.

I started the new training programme today and Bailey did very well, although I am under no illusions that it could take around 7 months or over to change him into a new dog ! I think if I can train Bailey, I can train any dog so maybe there will be a new hobby there for me. I have already purchased another training book from my local library.

Just let me take this opportunity to wish everyone who has read any of my blog posts a very Merry Christmas and fabulous new year. It has been such an amazing experience to do this challenge and I have way outdone my expectations.
I am hoping to post a wrap up post in the next few days and I look forward to another year of '52 books in a year'. I am hoping to post some of my own short stories too to make it a little bit more interesting or not as the case may be !

As for Feisty Fido, my first Kindle book, a whopping 10/10.

Thanks to Mrs Henry for buying me the Kindle and it has now become my second wife !

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