Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Stop Negative Thinking

                           How to stop worrying, Relieve stress 

                                                           and become a Happy person again 
                                                                              By Doc Orman M.D

       I have tried all kinds of self help books over the years and some are better than others and my first reaction when I started to read this was ' It's very short!'

      Yes, it is short and I was initially wondering where it was leading me or whether it was leading me down a very strange and weed infiltrated path. But guess what? It's really good! A few of the ideas it contains are covered in other self help books but on the whole it has a fresh and simple perspective on the problem of dealing with negative thoughts. There's not too much information, you won't give yourself a headache reading this, but what you'll get are a series of carefully chosen and helpful ways to become a more positive and stress free person.

      I know I found it helpful and will keep it handy. Getting rid of negative thoughts isn't an overnight battle but it's a battle that books like this can help with, a lot.

      Try it and see for yourself.



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