Thursday, 11 September 2014

Red or Blue?

He'd seen it in the movies hundreds of times but here he was with the fate of the human race balanced between his fingers.

If he chose to cut the wrong wire he wouldn't be receiving any more Christmas cards from God and his maintenance man days would be over.

So red wire or blue wire?

If he chose correctly the Jesus circuit would be fixed and everybody's sins would be forgiven.

But if he chose incorrectly the Holy Trinity would be lost forever. Wiped from the face of the Earth with one cold sharp snap of a wire.


                                                                     (C) Ally Atherton


99 Words


  1. This is just the way life is, at least for me. I watch, observe, and then when my turn comes I'm so unsure of what to do for fear of doing the wrong thing. Of course, my hook and eye-patch don't make it very easy at times...;)

    Wonderfully intriguing 99 words, Ally!

  2. Thanks :)

    I challenged myself to a 99 worder, it was fun to write :)