Friday, 22 April 2011

Book 20 Rage- Richard Bachman

King is Bachman but Bachman is King. I have decided to go on a Bachman fest. I am a life long fan of Stephen King and he wrote a few novels as Richard Bachman in the late seventies and early eighties. The only other book that I've read from Richard Bachman was "Thinner" and that was absolutely years ago when I still had a good head of hair and could fit in size 29 jeans.

This was written when King was still young himself and was written even before Carrie.

It is obviously King and it has all the hallmarks of a King novel but you can tell that he had yet to master the complete art of story telling and Rage does have flaws, although it is a good read.

It revolves around a highschool kid named Charlie Decker who goes crazy and kills two teachers and holds a whole class hostage. This is probably the most creepy and unsettling book I have ever read. As a short novel it did keep my interest even though it creeped the hell out of me !

Its biggest flaw is probably the same thing that I found most unsettling. It isn't just the fact that some crazy kid has gone beserk in a high school ,it's the fact that all the kids ( apart from one) in the class end up being the most horrible and unrealistic kids ever known to fiction ! And that's putting it mildly! Maybe I'm the only one in the world that couldn't feel any sympathy for Charlie Decker but I'm probably not.I hope not. I also found the ending pretty unrealistic and even thought of a better ending myself !

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the Bachman books but this book is just unsettling !


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