Monday, 4 April 2011

Book 16 Doors Open - Ian Rankin

Finished 4th April 2011

This is the first time that I have read anything by Ian Rankin and I have mixed feelings about it. In the UK we had a TV show called Taggart which ran for many years. It was a detective series set in and around Glasgow in Scotland. It wasn't something that I watched religiously, in fact I have only watched one or two episodes. The reason why I mention this programme is because "Open Doors" is just like reading Taggart the book. ( Or probably any other popular detective TV Series that you might know).
There is nothing original here and the characters are quite one dimensional and cliched ( bad guys with muscles and shaven hair, art critic with extravagant tastes etc) and the story took a good while to get going. It started off slow and then I kept telling myself that it would get better.
To be honest it did improve and it did have an OK ending, an ending that was just like an episode of Taggart ! Overall it wasn't the best thing I've read but it wasn't terrible, just like curling up on the couch ( with a cup of coffee) and watching your equivalent version of Taggart, whatever that may be.
Set in Edinburgh it revolves around a heist to steal some rather expensive paintings without anyone noticing that they are missing, add in a local gangster, a local detective inspector and one or two gullible souls and that's about it in a nutshell.



  1. ...and here, in this list below, I favor -Lord of the Flies-.
    __I favor the -break down- of civility and social structure books, books that predict and warn against these plausible failures. Ayn Rand?
    __Forever the 'Contrary,' I invariably look to the positive side... to ways that would avert that literary foreboding.
    __Too... very good wishes to you, and your new haiku blog! _m

  2. Thankyou :)

    Yes Lord Of the Flies is an incredible book and probably one of the books that has left an impression of me. Ayn Rand I haven't really come across but I will take a look and maybe do a review here,