Sunday, 17 April 2011

Book 19 The Time Machine ( H G Wells)

This book has been sitting on my bookcase for a good while, barely noticed until I saw it while looking for inspiration for my next read. I think part of the reason why I hadn't read it is because I have already seen the film ( the old version) lots of times. In fact it is one of my favourite films ever and never fails to fascinate me.

I started to read this, not knowing if or how much it would differ from the film. Of course the book was written by H G Wells a long time before the motion picture. What first surprised me was how small this book is ! It is tiny at 102 pages and the next thing that surprised me was how different it is from the film ! It is pretty different but in a good way. I know that movies based on books are normally a bit of a let down but this book is almost like a totally different story. ALMOST.

All I can say is that now one of my favourite films is one of my favourite books. Compared to the original film, the original book is scarier, darker and better.
A must read for anyone who likes the film or anyone that loves great sci-fi or fantasy.

I haven't seen the newer version of the movie and don't know if it is any closer to the book.


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