Thursday, 1 March 2012

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

This is the story of David Copperfield and his journey through life, his loves and his struggles. Copperfield's childhood bubble is burst upon the arrival of Mr Murdstone and his sister into their home and this sets the wheels of fate into a totally new direction. He experiences life on the streets of London and meets a lot of interesting characters along the way.

This is an enormous book and perhaps many people would need a little bit of patience to get through it. However it did keep my interest all the way and it is a good read. I found it strange to be reading a book that was written such a long time ago (probably with a feather quill and a candle in the background) on an Amazon Kindle! David Copperfield has a bit of everything, from adventure to humour to romance to social commentary. At times it is a little bit convoluted and not easy to follow and sometimes I found myself wondering who was living in which house and who was married to whom! But on the whole this book is easy to read considering how old it is. To me I found that it was written in a similar vein to an Austen book but much more accessible and more focused on different classes rather than just life of the nobility.

But what made this novel work for me were the fabulous characters! Lovely characters like Copperfield himself and Tom Traddles and Little Em'ly, Agnes and Peggotty. The awful Mr and Miss Murdstone and the wonderful and at times hilarious Aunt Trotwood as well as the peculiar and complex and conniving Uriah Heep. I can relate to many characters in the book but especially to Mr Micawber because of the problems I have had over the years with trying to stay financially afloat!

The amazing thing about this novel is the way in which it is still relevant
in 2012 and how the thoughts and trials of David Copperfield are not much different to our own.Even though our roads are no longer cobbled and carriages have been replaced by Ford Ka's and people carriers, there are a lot of similarities to modern day England.

I read this for Dickens Month and I would recommend it for anyone who has a few weeks to dedicate to one book!

4 Stars out of 5.


  1. Hi, this has nothing to do with David Copperfield (Except my daughter is reading it right now), but you asked about chicken stock. Here's what I wrote on my blog as an answer to your question, but I figured I'd pop over to tell you here as well:

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    Annie Kate

  2. Thanks I appreciate that, and I'll check out the link.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend.