Friday, 20 July 2012

35 - Lust, Money & Murder by Mike Wells

A young woman enters a casino to exchange a large amount of money for chips and ends up falling to her death from a cliff edge. Then we have Elaine Brogan who follows her dream of becoming a model and ends up working as a secret service agent to avenge a family tragedy.
This story takes the reader from casinos to exclusive private beaches and then all around the globe from the US, Bulgaria and Germany. Can Elaine get the revenge that she seeks on the mysterious man that has taken her father away?

'Lust' is part one of a series of books that I came across via Twitter, it is short and sweet and easy to read. Although this isn't really my kind of book it did keep me turning the pages and lovers of romance and young adult fiction would probably get more out of it than me. Personally ( I know this sounds daft) but this book read a little bit like one of those stories that you get in magazines like Woman's Weekly and Readers Digest. That's probably the best way I can decribe my experience, in other words it kind of felt a little too lightweight for my liking. Maybe you could also describe it as Coffee Table Fiction or the kind of thing you could read whilst sitting in a Doctor's waiting room. I have never read Mills and Boon but I can imagine that reading Mills and Boon is a bit like this!

I have read a few reviews of this book that state their disappointment at the fact that the book ends prematurely and that it is just a ploy to get the reader to buy the other two (or more) books. Maybe there is truth in that argument and perhaps this book should be called a 'sample' rather than Book One? I don't know if I am interested enough to read the rest of this series but if you like this kind of thing go and knock yourself out.


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