Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Ancient Egyptian Oracle cards of RA-MAAT

By Norman Plaskett

This book/card package has been sitting on top of my bookcase for a long time and I don't even remember where I picked it up. It's almost as if it has been mystically transported to my little house in Chorley by the ancient Gods themselves!

It comprises of a 128 page book and 72 illustrated divination cards and is an alternative to the Tarot. The back cover blurb states that the origins of the RA-MAAT cards are shrouded in mystery (just like the Tarot) and the basic premise is the same. I have been interested in and been a private reader of Tarot cards for many years and I found the RA-MAAT cards interesting but a bit more convoluted and difficult. They are loosely based upon the Ancient Egyptian Gods and are split into four sections.

This book offers an intriguing alternative to the Tarot cards for anyone that is interested in divination and spirituality. I have actually learned a little bit from this package but I don't think I will be throwing away my collection of Tarot cards just yet. For anyone that has an interest in this area it is helpful.

A quick little filler of a read.


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