Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Brave New world by Aldous Huxley

Welcome to the future.

A future where humans are distilled like bottled water, where voices whisper to children from underneath their pillows,where drugs are spoonfed and given to stop people from thinking too much.
Bernard Marx feels like he is living on a different planet to everybody else and takes a trip to the Savage Reservations to find himself but ultimately finds himself in little spot of bother.

I have mixed feelings about this 'Vintage Classic' and I will try and write it as I see it. There is no doubt that Brave New World is incredibly original and imaginative and it is way ahead of its time. It was originally published in 1932 but it could well have been written in 2011, such is its relevance and offbeat syle.There is much to chew over from an intellectual point of view and I'm sure there is enough allegory in this book to keep a generation of English lecturers happy for a decade or two.

My problem is that I didn't find the book entertaining or interesting enough! The plot didn't keep me turning the pages and rather than being on the edge of my seat I was sat patiently waiting for a shock or a gripping plot twist. I also had no emotional connection to this book and the characters felt kind of one dimensional. It found it reminiscent of 'A Clockwork Orange' but not as powerful or emotionally engaging. I have read a few Dystopian novels but this one was lacking that extra bite to keep my interest.

This is however a very thought provoking book and maybe it's just not my cup of tea and we all like out tea differently.


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