Monday, 14 April 2014

The Book Boy

                                                       By Joanna Trollope

The Quick Reads books are a great way of getting to know other Authors and new genres without having to sift through too much of a book. Joanna Trollope is one of those such Authors and one that I have heard about but never had the inclination to read.

This is a harmless enough tale about a mother who has managed to let her husband and life in general get the better of her. It' s an uplifting little story about how we can all find a way forward even when life seems hopeless and bleak.

This isn't what I would normally read. There's not an awful lot to get your teeth into. It's what I would call Woman's Weekly Fiction. It's the kind of story you'd read in a woman's magazine while you're waiting at the dentist. I really don't know how else to describe it. If anybody else has a better way of putting it then please get in touch!

It's harmless, it's a nice quick read. Nothing to rave about, yet nothing to moan about either.

It is what it is. A quick read.


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