Sunday, 1 January 2012

Book 1 Inside My Shorts by Adam Sifre

My first book of 2012 is a collection of 31 short stories that I read on my Kindle.

Although it contains different types of stories, a good majority are of the twisty horror variety with a good splash of humour. To be honest there were probably only a handful of stories which really impressed me, a few that were a little bit on the dull side and the rest were just about average. But, don't get me wrong, I think this young writer has plenty of potential, once he develops his voice as a writer. The 4 (or maybe) 5 stories which were good were really good and I think the horror/humour genre suits him.

My favourite story of the bunch was one called "Followers" which features a live 'Twitter' murder ! Other highlights include the funny and twisty 'Top 10 List', a strictly 'not for kids' Christmas story ! And look out for the highly original 'House Calls'.

On the whole this collection is a mixed bag and an interesting introduction to a new 'indie' author who I'd like to keep an eye on. A few too many spelling and punctuation errors didn't help the read though.



  1. Thanks for the read and review. Much appreciated

  2. Hi, you are welcome :) I look forward to reading more of work.

  3. Just for you, i have published "I've Been Deader.". On amazon and smashwords :).