Saturday, 28 January 2012

Cesar's rules by Cesar Millan

When I got Bailey, my Pug Cross, he wasn't very well behaved and he would always take me for a walk around the block. He had several issues including dog aggression mainly due to the fact that his previous owner kept him inside her house most of the time.I have been making a big effort to train him and that's why I read this book. I read another great book around Christmas ( Feisty Fido) which really helped and I would recommend that to anybody who has a dog aggressive dog.

To anyone who doesn't know, Cesar Millan is the star and host of TV's The Dog Whisperer. I must admit I haven't really watched much of this show but I thought I'd see what he has to say in this book.

On the whole I found it to be very helpful. A lot of the book is focused on creating a good relationship with your dog and ensuring that her basic needs are met. He (rightly so) emphasises the need to give your dog, amongst other things, adequate exercise, play and motivation. The book also brings in the thoughts and expertise of other dog trainers who don't always see eye to eye with his methods.

I have definitely learned a lot from Cesar's Rules and am hoping to put that into practice with Bailey. Training a dog ( or rehabilitating a dog )as Cesar prefers to call it, takes practice, patience and a whole lot of love and understanding.

I am really glad I read this and am hoping to catch a few of his shows.

4 stars.

Me and Bailey

Blog Note ;

If anybody has noticed I now have changed my name on here and at Twitter due to Copyright issues and my pseudonym is now Ally Atherton. I'm sorry for any confusion. Unfortunately there are a few Authors and poets out there called Paul Henry and I don't want any more confusion. Albert Atherton was my great Grandfather, a lovely man who was taken from this world at too young an age. I never met him , he died in the early twenties, but I fear he has become forgotten because he was a conscientious objector. A writer himself by all accounts, my pseudonym is dedicated proudly to him.

I hope he doesn't mind me messing around with his name a little ! RIP Great Grandad x

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