Sunday, 8 January 2012

Where have all the bullets gone ? Spike Milligan

I was too young to appreciate Spike Milligan in his hay day and only have vague recollections of his humour, and 'The Goon Show' was before my time.I picked this up on holiday in a second hand book store because I have been wanting to read more humour. I wasn't disappointed, it is a very funny book. But it's also a fascinating insight into one man's ( one funny man's !) experience of the latter part of World War 2. This is part of a collection of memoirs written by Spike but the fact that I haven't read any of the others is irrelevant. Anyone interested in the war years would probably like this book, especially if you have a sense of humour. For those of a more prudish constitution beware there is some lively language.

I really liked this book and it kept my interest all the way. It has made me want to learn more about Spike and his history and the history of the Goon Show ! The book is funny, eye opening and educational. Best book of the year so far, but it's only number three !


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