Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Robert Lowell - Selected Poems

I have always had a love hate relationship with poetry. I really don't like the kind of stuff that makes no sense whatsoever and is filled with nods to greek mythology and other so called 'intellectual' rambleshit. I don't want to read poetry if you have to have a masters degree in ancient history to understand it.

However this collection is superb. There were a few pieces at the beginning that tested my patience but the main bulk of the poetry in the collection are pretty amazing. Most of them are based on Robert's life as a young man and his family. There are lots of good poems to enjoy but my favourite was Night Sweat

An enthralling collection for anybody who likes poetry.



  1. Finally someone agrees with me on poetry! As an English major, I've always felt like I should like it more, but in truth I usually hate it, especially when it's filled with a bunch of references that I just don't get. If I ever feel like giving it another shot, though, I might try this collection.

  2. Hi thanks for taking a look at my blog. Yes there certainly is a lot of intellectually snobbish gunk out there that calls itself poetry but it does nothing for me. I like poetry that uses words to take me on a wonderful emotional journey. Some nice ones in this collection, Billy Collins is really good.