Sunday, 22 January 2012

Book 5 Liberty by M.A Leslie

Book five in this year's '52 books in 52 weeks' challenge was kindly offered to me by the author's for review purposes.

Liberty Sytes is working for the Jersey Police in her summer break from a business course at college when suddenly she finds herself inside the body and mind of a merciless killer. She is powerless to act as she watches each victim bruised , beaten and cut to shreds. She is also haunted by memories of her childhood and is left trying to put together the pieces of these childhood memories before it's too late. Why is she witnessing each murder ? What has it got to do with her mother ?

This book is imaginative and quite original and the whole premise of the story is a great idea. It is easy to read and I particularly enjoyed the action scenes which were written as well as anything I have read.

However I have decided to give 'Liberty' 3 stars out of 5 purely because I 'personally' think the author's have so much more to offer in the future. I think the writing in parts could have been tighter and I also thought the storyline ( especially the first two thirds) was a little bit repetitive in nature. Also some may argue that the story was a little bit unrealistic in parts.

However I think there is much more to come from M.A Leslie in the future and I hope to read more from them. M.A Leslie are actually a husband and wife writing duo and you can read a bit more about them at Goodreads or on their website


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