Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Law of Attraction : According to the Masters

I find the whole Law of Attraction concept fascinating and it is something I have discovered in the last few weeks. I have joined a few websites and learned quite a lot online and watched the Movie 'The Secret'. I have also recently joined a few Facebook groups and an online LOA community, where I stumbled upon this book. Or maybe the law of attraction brought it to me!

This small book is wonderful. It explains about the Law of Attraction and sums it up 'in a nutshell'. It is based upon the writings and lives of two LOA masters, Neville Goddard and Thomas Troward. I like how the Author manages to introduce the subject in a warm, honest and positive way and yet also wets our appetite to learn more. It also proves that there are hidden gems out there in the world of Smashwords and other self publishing places on the web.

You can take a look yourself if you are interested. Personally my journey into self discovery and spirituality has taken a nice little detour by reading this. Fascinating.


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