Monday, 17 March 2014

The Popular Girl - F.Scott Fitzgerald

Another classic and another name that is forever popping up in every 'how to write' book under the sun, so when I found this in my local library I knew I had to read it. Five short stories written from 1922 to 1932, originally published in the Saturday Evening Post. A newspaper, I presume, somewhere in the United States.

The first three stories in this collection are quaint and romantic and the perfect escapism for anybody that loves to get lost in a book. My personal favourite is probably the second, entitled 'Love in the Night'. The last two are perhaps slightly more dull but still worth the read. I like the way that these tiny glimpses of life in the twenties are so accessible and easy to read, considering they were written so long ago. There are no car chases or murderers in this one, just some good, simple honest story telling.


Maybe I should read more from F.Scott Fitzgerald. This collection contains a small biography and a fascinating foreword by Helen Dunmore.


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