Sunday, 30 March 2014

Two quick non fiction reviews

A couple of quick non fiction reviews, I read them a week or so ago and I'm just catching up!

This was a fun little read that has some basic information on how to train your pooch to do some fundamental things like sit and lie down and also a few neat tricks. Most of the stuff I already knew but some of it was new and helpful. However it didn't really go into too much detail and I'm glad I got it as a free kindle book because half of the book was actually spent advertising other kindle books! So it's really half a book and half adverts!


The truth is this book didn't really contain any secrets!

I have been interested in memory techniques for many years and to be honest this taught me nothing.

It was all common sense stuff and it read as if the author had just googled the whole thing on Wikipedia. And considering that half of this free kindle book was spent advertising all her other books ( on various, wide ranging topics) I would have felt very short changed if I had actually bought it. If you are seriously hoping to learn about memory and memory techniques, I wouldn't recommend this. There are better books out there.

We all have the potential to improve our memory in so many way and it is a fascinating subject, and I am considering writing one myself.


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