Thursday, 2 April 2015

Bridge Honking

B is for Bridge Honking

Where have I been all my life if I have only just learned about Bridge Honking?

I am in my forties and my son is 19 and he has just taught me about it.

Today we took a walk down a country road that ended over a motorway bridge and suddenly my son said it.

'Have you ever honked?'

I didn't know what the hell he was talking about until he explained the apparently ancient art of getting passing lorries to honk back at you. I thought he was nuts at first but it was hilarious. One by one we lifted up our arms at the passing trucks and pretended to honk our invisible horns!

And they honked back. At one point I swear we had about 4 or 5 honking back at us. It's great fun. I don't know what our dog thought about the whole affair. He probably thought we were both nuts.

But this all goes to show that just when you think you know everything, our kids can teach us something new that has escaped our radar.

So I am officially a honker. Are you?

Written for day 2 of the A to Z blog challenge.


  1. I'm sure your son will remember that experience for a long time. We used to do this with the big eighteen wheeler trucks that passed when we were riding somewhere.

  2. I think he will and so will I. It was great spending some time with him today :)