Friday, 3 April 2015

C is For Crackle.

I RECEIVED MY crackle in the middle of the night. It woke me up when I was dreaming about building a ship that was made of adjectives. Adjectives are the way we add colours to our words. I learned that from Helmet. We learn everything from helmet. I was building the ship with Noah and now he will be upset that I have left him to do it all by himself. I wonder if he is still there and whether he has sent out a search party. Dreams are stupid.

I don't know if there is any method or madness to receiving our crackles. I can go through phases where I get one every night and then I sometimes have to wait another fourweek to get one.

It landed on top of me and nudged me awake. They don't have any manners do crackles. They are ultimately selfish. They barge into your life and out again without as much as a sorry or a thank you.

I held out my bed hands and he gave it to me and then popped. They always pop quietly so that nobody in a surrounding capsule can hear them. I don't know if they live to fight another day or whether it is the end of their life cycle. Every crackle that visits me is a different colour and this one was green so maybe it has died in my capsule.

It's a triangle and it's the first time I have been given a triangle. I usually get round gifts but there is sometimes a square one. I am still half asleep and part of me is still collecting adjectives. So I am thinking about the word handsome when I hold the triangle to my head to let it start working. This one feels different. Stronger than the others I have been given. I feel like I need to lay down even though I am already lying down. This is a big one, I think. A very big one.

(C) Ally Atherton

A sample from my blog story which I am working on for this April's Camp NaNo.

Written for day three of the A to Z Blog challenge.


  1. will be back to read some more - this is too tantalising

  2. Ally you have a way of world building in so few words.So glad to have found your work. -- Jeri