Wednesday, 15 April 2015

L is for Look Left.

Is it just me or does every third person you pass in the street have a mobile phone glued to their ear?

I think I'm turning into a grumpy old man but these tiny prophetic signs of doom niggle me. I mean is it absolutely necessary to be in a constant conversation with somebody who you probably saw in person five minutes ago? I grew up in a time when there were no mobile phones and no internet connection. If you wanted to connect with somebody you had to use your home phone or attach a message to a pigeon or nip across the road to use a telephone box. Yep I just said telephone box. Those strange alien looking things that are now either filled with second hand books or used for drug dealing and pissing in on a late night bender. I think everybody of a certain age can remember squeezing into a telephone box to hide from the rain or breaking up with somebody in one of them or stealing a quick fumble with somebody you shouldn't have.

Now the only thing people are fumbling with are their mobile phones. They don't even stop to cross the road. When I was a kid I remember the Green Cross Code Man telling everybody to look left and then right to make sure the road was clear. Now if they ever had to wheel him out of retirement he'd have to change it to Look Left, look Right and switch off your bloody phone.

Phones are a menace. Somebody is going to get run over one of these days in the middle of downloading a map of the Chinese Underground or while ordering a cheese and elder-flower sandwich from But is that the reason why everybody is on their phone? Are they really that desperate for human interaction or are they hiding something deeper? I think that it goes deeper than that. I propose that the real reason people have phones permanently glued to their ears is this.

They want to look like they are not on their own.

Read it and then read it again. It's more of a hunch. I'm no psycho analytic wizard but it's what I'm beginning to think. People don't want to be seen to be actually on their own anymore. It's not cool.

Maybe my hunch is a load of codswallop but I do know it can't be safe crossing a road with a pram and a dog and a phone stuck to your ear lobe.

And then there are drivers.

Drivers with mobiles stuck to their ears or (more often) on their laps.

It's dangerous. Very dangerous. But somehow the message isn't getting across. We need the equivalent of the Green Cross Code Man to tackle this problem or we need to bring back the good old telephone box or we need to bring them back and lock a few of these idiots inside them. Or maybe I need to get with the times and stop being so grumpy. I'll let you decide.

Written for the A to Z Blog Challenge.


  1. I often feel like a grump, too! I think your theory makes sense. My reasoning for this is much the same, that people want to belong. That used to mean going to a community church once or more during the week while today it more often involves the push of a button, whether on a phone or some other device to "like" some nonsense or other. Curmudgeons unite! Best wishes to you. Oh, and my blog is number 1271 on the A to Z list today.

  2. Color me grumpy as well. I think your theory has merit. I've noticed at times that I will pull my phone out for no real reason other than I saw someone else look at their phone. It's like an impulse. And I'm usually not texting or calling anyone; I'd rather be left alone most of the time. :)