Sunday, 5 April 2015

D is for Dog

If I had a magic lamp and one wish I think I would wish for my dog to live forever.

The last few years have been so difficult and I don't think my dog Bailey realises how important he has been for me in that time. He is just there when I need somebody to talk to that doesn't answer back. The fact that he is there and has been for the last few years has kept me going. My life has been on a downward spiral and it isn't getting any easier. I just wish life could have reset button so I could start again from scratch.

But you can't do that. Restart buttons only exist in my warped mind. But he's there, He's there for me no matter how stupid I am acting or how sad I am feeling. He is there and that's all that matters. He's a dog so he probably doesn't understand half of what I say to him. If he could talk he'd probably just say

Feed me or Walkies or Tickle My Belly. They would be his main words.

I doubt he would say anything else.

I sing to him. I don't know how many dog owners make up silly songs for their pooch. I may be the one and only dog composer in the world. But I think he likes them. Or at least he humours me. He doesn't tell me to shut up. He is just there and he makes me feel better just by being there.

I want a magic lamp so he can live forever or just as long as me.

I think that's fair, don't you?


Written for the A to Z Blog Challenge.


  1. That must be one mighty fine dog to use a last wish on. :)

  2. He is Chuck , I think I am too close to him!