Thursday, 18 February 2016

Paper - 100 Word Fiction

When I was seven I lived in a paper house

I'd walk to my paper school every morning and into

my paper classroom

Never underestimate the benefits of a good 

quality paper school teacher

Mrs Grime 

taught me everything 

I knew and nothing that I didn't need to know 

She was the one that told me how to 


when Mum didn't come home 

That was the day I learned that paper cars 

are stupid 

because there's nothing 

to protect you when one paper car hits another paper car

That was the day the paper 


and I stopped breathing

                                                                              (C) Ally Atherton 2016

100 words written for the 100 Word Challenge hosted by Tara Roberts

over at Thin Spiral Notebook.

Pop along and give it a go. it's not as easy as you think!

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